Scott Harris - Speaker, Author and Resilience Expert

"Hey there, welcome, my name is Scott

Let me tell you my story. Well, in 2008, I was involved in a motorbike accident in Victoria, Australia, that left me with lasting injuries including a Traumatic Brain Injury. This was due to a severe Closed Head Injury, which resulted in extensive facial fractures, requiring a facial reconstruction.

To reconstruct my face, they bolted 11 titanium plates to my skull. My TBI was so severe that I sustained extremely severe Frontal Lobe Damage and shearing of the brain. This has left me with paralysis from my shoulder to my toes down the right hand side of my body, causing major instability issues. On top of that, I have a Brachial Plexus injury to my right arm involving three severed nerves. Luckily I have two arms and two legs, because that would suck if I didn’t, right?

Unfortunately I don’t have two brains. Instead, I’m blessed with a damaged one, and I make it work really hard. On the day of the accident I had my first ride in a helicopter but unfortunately I was in a coma so I couldn’t enjoy it. I don’t think the heroes who were saving my life had time to enjoy it either. They quickly flew me to the Royal Melbourne Hospital where I stayed for the following 16 days. Once I had woken up from my coma state and I was out of ICU, they shipped me off to Epworth HealthCare, a rehabilitation centre where I spent the next three years doing countless hours of therapy.

Rehab became my full time job, a job I took very seriously. The intense physical and mental rehabilitation which I continue today is the sole reason that I am still alive and where I am. I have discovered that setting and achieving goals, both mental and physical, keeps me looking forward
rather than backwards and each goal I achieve fills me with satisfaction.

It took me a number of years to realise that my life would never be the same as it was before the accident. Eventually, after four years of some brutal challenges, I needed to escape the life that was starting to consume me. I found my way out by setting a goal to travel the world solo, which I achieved in 2012.


2014 with just a pack on my back and my camera hung over my shoulder. To my own surprise I returned home 18 months later with my capabilities in tact. A few hiccups along the way, but I made it.

After living with an injured bring since 2008, I have experienced almost every side effect of severe brain damage that you could think of, yet my brain still functions well enough that I can articulate what it’s like to live with such a debilitating disability. This puts me in a powerful position to help show people what I and others, with an injured brain, live with everyday. I do this by running a Brain Injury Workshop, which I have designed with the help of health professionals to bring awareness to some of the difficulties a TBI patient may experience.

I also share, through my keynote speaking, the valuable lessons that this journey has taught me. These lessons aren’t just for others living with an injured brain, they are ‘life’ lessons for anyone living ‘life."